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Australian IFFR Section

Toowoomba IFFR AUS Fly-in Apr 2024

Toowoomba, Queensland
12th – 15th April ‘24

Wings Over South Eastern Queensland

When IFFR folk gather and or travel together there is always lots of fun and frivolity mixed with good food, fine wine and tons of fellowship, the recent Toowoomba fly-in was no exception!! A very enjoyable time was had by all because of the extensive preparation undertaken by Pres Rob Hannemann & Ange; so, a big Big, BIG thank you to you both.

After making our way to our accommodation on the Friday night we toured Toowoomba GA airport seeing the great historic “birds” of the golden age of aviation in the hangar of Aviation Specialists, courtesy of Al and Carol. Aircraft like the Cessna 195 and a Waco both radials, Cessna 190A, Tiger Moths, Fred’s Trojan T-28, and a Yak to name a few. The night was well capped off with a warm welcome and sumptuous steak BBQ at the Darling Downs Aero Club, thanks to the club members and the Hannemanns.

After a pickup at the hotel bright and early, well 9:00am, we travelled to Downs Steam Railway Museum for an interesting time-traveling tour of a bygone train era including a light lunch over the conversation of friends catching up.

A quick drive northward and we were seeped in the history of Army Aviation at the Oakey Air Museum with an amazing presentation provided by Major Peter on the evolution from the early stick aircraft days of the Army Air Corp to the modern Army Rotary Air Wing operating sophisticated aircraft like the Blackhawk and Taipan helicopters.

Returning to the hotel we visited the new Brisbane West Wellcamp with it’s 4500 m runway, seeing the FTA QANTAS Flying School, the infamous Quarantine facility, and the Queen’s Gardens. A very enjoyable day topped off with a great dinner at the Toowoomba Sports Club.

Up and into it again early at 8:45am we were off to see more beautiful and interesting planes with a gifted aviation storyteller Annamaria Zuccoli at the Aerotec hangar. There we enjoyed a great collection of family owned and operated aircraft including: a Harvard T-6, two Trojans T-28s, the Australian made Winjeel “Lindbergh” and Boomerang CAC-19, a Boeing Stearman PT-17, the NZ made CT4E, a Falco, Pitts Special and the two ceiling dwellers “Stipa Caproni & Pou du Ciel” being Italian and French designs respectively.

The Zuccoli aviation heritage commenced in 1969 with Guido Zuccoli, his wife Lynette, and more recently daughter Annamaria, with two grandsons in the RAAF and Annamaria’s husband, a well-respected local instructor, CFI and aerobatic pilot Matt Handley.

The University of Southern Queensland’s Aviation School beckoned and some of us were treated to a visit to the Airbus A320 simulator with three members enjoying a hands-on experience; and Matthew Shum landing the massive aircraft ever so smoothy!!

A visit to the Queensland State Rose Garden and a quick city highlights tour finished the afternoon, quick kip and then dinner at the Burke & Wills Restaurant providing another opportunity for fellowship before everyone departed for home on Monday.