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Jack Gorman: IFFR Brian Condon Flying Scholarship Awardee 2023

And the winner is……..

It is our pleasure to announce the winner of the IFFR Brian Condon Flying Scholarship to the value of $5,000.00 is Jack Gorman, whose application was submitted and endorsed by the Rotary Club of Kenmore, Queensland. Jack’s bio shows an outstanding young man committed to his school, studies, aviation, and participation in the Youth initiatives his local Rotary Club in Kenmore.

He is a School Captain of Kenmore State High School in Year 12, enjoys his studies including extra-curricular music and German, is an NCO in the Australian Air Force Cadets, a participant in the Rotary Aspiring Leaders and Youth Driver Awareness Programs as well as attending the ANZAC Day events run by the AAFC. He was given a gift of a Trial Instruction Flight for his birthday and fell in love with flying and aviation generally including the theory of flight taught by Air Force Cadets.

Jack applied for a school-holidays Elementary Flight Training School course through Cadets, was accepted and one of a few cadets who managed to fly solo by the completion of the course. He hopes to fly with the RAAF on completion of his schooling; in the meantime, he will undertake his RPL at Flightscope Aviation in Archerfield, Qld. His parents are fully supportive of his aviation ambitions and naturally very proud of their son. He has commenced his flight training already with Flightscope at Archerfield in Queensland.

So, congratulations to Jack from IFFR, we are sure he will make us proud as he embarks on journey “onwards and upwards” in realising his aviation aspirations.