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Australian IFFR Section

Canberra IFFR Fly-in Nov 2023

On the weekend of 17 to 19 November, members of IFFR Australia got together in the nation’s capital, Canberra, for a great weekend of flying fellowship. We’ve received the report on it below from IFFR Australia Secretary Lynne Duckham.

Starting the weekend on Friday night with the very special visit to Mt Stromlo Observatory, we were privileged to have PhD Astronomy students walk and talk us through the current research, and tell us about Australian indigenous astronomy, and laugh while some of us tried unsuccessfully to pick up a small part of a meteorite.

Not only do we get to understand the impact of the 2003 devastating ACT fires, but we also learnt about the ongoing research and the constellations through the indigenous Australian “lens”. We saw other galaxies, Saturn, moons, and constellations through the telescopes!

Plus seeing a replica of the very special 2011 Nobel Peace Prize awarded to immediate past Vice Chancellor and President of the Australian National University Professor Brian Schmidt.