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Australian IFFR Section

NZ Christchurch IFFR Fly-in Apr 2024

A couple of Australian members flew to New Zealand to participate in the April ’24 Fly-in.

Christchurch was a welcoming, green, lush city undergoing a transformation after the earthquake of 2013 and provided our IFFR folk with lots to experience.

Toowoomba IFFR AUS Fly-in Apr 2024

When IFFR folk gather and or travel together there is always lots of fun and frivolity mixed with good food, fine wine and tons of fellowship, the recent Toowoomba fly-in was no exception!!

Canberra IFFR Fly-in Nov 2023

On the weekend of 17 to 19 November, members of IFFR Australia got together in the nation’s capital, Canberra, for a great weekend of flying fellowship. We’ve received the report on it below from IFFR Australia Secretary Lynne Duckham.

Flight to End Polio- May to June 30, 2023

After landing in Darwin and Cairns N732WP is presently in Toowoomba Australia undergoing maintenance prior to its next big flight, journeying across the Pacific to home to Cedar Rapids! ONE ENGINE, TWO PILOTS AND A 2:1 DONATION GATE FOUNDATION MATCH Peter Teahen and John Ockenfels are raising awareness for polio eradication by piloting a single engine […]

IFFR Brian Condon Memorial Flying Scholarship 2023: Report from Jack Gorman

On the 21st May ‘23 I practiced a few engine failures after take-off, flapless circuits, glide approaches and consolidated the general technique that is operating in the circuit area. My instructor was very impressed and assessed me as ‘solo standard’ in the C172. So, my next lesson, booked in for the 3rd of June, will […]

IFFR “Tango around the Outback” FLY IN- June 2023

After the RI Convention in Melbourne, 57 intrepid IFFR members, partners and friends set forth to discover the outback; the long-way around via Warrnambool, Mildura, Broken Hill, Echuca and returning safely to Melbourne.

IFFR New Zealand FLY IN – March 31 2023

Held the weekend of 31st March ’23 in Invercargill on the South Island of NZ a gallery of pix showing a full, fun weekend visiting museums, trains, planes, and automobiles.

IFFR Ballina, New South Wales FLY IN – October 2022

It was a long time coming but finally, on the 7th of October ’22, the very elusive Fly In destination of Ballina was “actually” happening.  After an aborted attempt due to Covid and a following couple of cancellations due to devastating flooding it was quite a relief to finally arrive. Despite being a small family […]

Jack Gorman: IFFR Brian Condon Flying Scholarship Awardee 2023

And the winner is…….. It is our pleasure to announce the winner of the IFFR Brian Condon Flying Scholarship to the value of $5,000.00 is Jack Gorman, whose application was submitted and endorsed by the Rotary Club of Kenmore, Queensland. Jack’s bio shows an outstanding young man committed to his school, studies, aviation, and participation […]