About Us


Who we are

We are members of Rotary International who have a common interest in aviation. We own and fly our aircraft, or have an interest in aviation in Australia.   

Any Rotarian with an interest in aviation is welcome to join our  group. 

We have membership from those that simply must look up when an  aircraft passes overhead, to Air Traffic Controllers, Engineers,  Aircrew, and Pilots. Some are active, some retired, some wishing to  retire, some wishing to be more active in aviation. 

Membership to IFFR  is an ideal way to experience aviation and fellowship all rolled up in  one.

We enjoy attending Fly-ins twice a year to various locations all around Australia. 

The Fly-ins are organised at destinations that members can attend using their own aircraft or commercial flights.

For those with access to private aircraft the option of flying to the fly-in via what is known as the 'Long Way Round' is a great way to extend the aviation experience with fellow pilots. (Further details on this on our Fly In page)